Tablets for Kids Review

Every parent, at one time or another, grows tired of hearing "Are we there yet?" and "I'm boooooored" from the mouths of their beautiful yet incredibly wiggly children. A quick and easy remedy for this is a kids tablet. As a parent, you'll enjoy a tablet that was created with your toddler or young child in mind. A tablet for kids will have preloaded, child-friendly content such as educational games and material suitable for children around the ages of 3 to 10. These tablets have a wide variety of entertaining features that are sure to keep young ones occupied while you drive or get a few things done around the house.

Educational games, e-books and apps aren't the only things you'll find on the best tablet for kids; you'll also enjoy the plethora of parental controls. Many of these tablets for kids have controls and filters that you can set-up to ensure your child is safe online or to regulate usage. Children will enjoy having a tablet of their very own, just like mommy and daddy! They'll especially enjoy playing games that are designed for kids their age, and doodling picture after picture without accidentally drawing on the carpet.

Tablets for Kids: What to Look For

The appeal of a tablet manufactured specifically for children is that it's something you can feel comfortable handing over to a toddler who doesn't yet know the value of expensive electronics. There are tablets available that market themselves as user-friendly for adults and children, but they aren't necessarily something you want your kid getting their hands on. Children’s tablets are durable, easy to use, have age-appropriate content and solid parental settings.

Preloaded Content
The tablet should come with preloaded, kid friendly games such as Angry Birds, and educational apps that are simple enough for the youngest of users to understand. You'll find interactive books for beginning readers, and preloaded video, if any, will be cartoons and other G-rated content. Many tablets for kids come with art studios where children can paint and draw with a stylus or their fingers.

Parental Controls and Filters
All of the best tablets for kids feature parental controls. You can decide into what parts of the internet your child can wander, and in some cases you can set a control that dictates how long a child uses the tablet. There are even settings that allow you to see your child's progress in workbooks and the like. Most of these tablets allow you to turn off parental controls so you can use the tablet just like any other fully functioning tablet.

Ease of Use
If the tablet is designed for kids, you want your kid to be able to use it, right? Programs should be suited to a child's age and easy for them to navigate no matter their reading level. You more than likely will want a tablet your child can manage without a grownup's help. Though these tablets are feature rich, they aren't overly complicated, so it doesn't take a tech-savvy mind to make them work.

A kids tablet should be lightweight and thin so even the smallest of hands can hold on. Also, a rugged exterior is a bonus because kids drop everything, and expensive electronics are no different. A camera is always a fun addition because many kids love taking photos, and Wi-Fi is a great feature for streaming videos. Another nice thing about a tablet for kids is that you don't need high display resolution or a fast processor like you would for a fully functioning tablet.

The best tablets for kids come in all different colors, shapes and designs. You know what's best for your child, and when it comes down to it, you just want a device to safely entertain your kid for a little while.

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